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European-designed adult kick scooters.

Sidewalker Scooters offer high quality kick scooters for adults who are looking for fun, everyday transportation with added fitness benefits. Enjoy the easy riding experience and the convenience of hopping on and off your scooter during a relaxing day exploring the city with friends or family. Or take exercising with your dog to a new level with a Sidewalker Scooter.

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With their European design, Sidewalker scooters offer a fun ride as a transportation alternative engaging the whole body, providing more fitness benefits than sit-down models. Using bicycle technology in frame production, front and rear pneumatic wheels and bicycle v- brakes, our push scooters offer a smooth and stable ride as you navigate the paved streets of the city or hard packed gravel and dirt roads of the countryside.
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Sidewalker scooters are manufactured from Chromoly steel, with high quality welds. This type of steel is very strong and lightweight, providing strength and stability making possible for riders of all abilities and body sizes to enjoy this fun and practical mode of transportation.

Are you a retailer looking to offer non-motorized scooter bikes, adult foot bikes or kick bikes in your store?

Sidewalker Scooters offer the highest quality adult kick bikes available on the market, including folding models.

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